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The HAL Amsterdam

July 2011

We thought the Amsterdam was a very nice ship that was maintained nicely.

The ship holds about 1,400 passengers so it is considered a "mid size" ship.

The advantage of this ship in Alaska is that the longer cruse allows you to see some of the less frequented ports.

The ship was full but it did not seem crowded. The only time "crowds" were felt was during Breakfast and Lunch in the Lido.

The weather was super so that might have also helped with the crowds because people were able to spread out on the outside decks. (Which doesn't happen when it is raining)

They take the Muster Drill seriously. If you don't show up, you have to go to a "make up" session.


Each day there were fresh flowers in the hallways. Very nice touch.

The Ice Cream on board was better than most ships. Lots of selection and it was real ice cream.

We spent a lot of time on the Lido deck because the weather was so beautiful. Throughout the cruise there were numerous "sales" which had some pretty good deals.

The pool area was very nice and it was not swarming with kids.

On certain days there were "special" lunches by the pool. These were great. The picture above shows two huge apple pies! Hmmmm.

We had dinner in the formal dining room most nights. It was very nice. There were a few meals that were unimpressive, but overall the food was good and the service was good.

Our favorite place was the Crow's Nest. It is a bar/lounge at the front of the ship on the top deck. The views are awesome! Everyday at 4PM there is half price happy hour and trivia.

Trivia was fun because we got to meet new people and compete for big prizes.

One day we ate at Canalleto's. This is a "free" restaurant that is actually part of the Lido. The food is Italian and the desserts are wonderful.

The meal ends with some cotton candy which is an interesting twist. You need to make reservations for Canalettos. We made reservations a few days in advance.

Where else can you get cotton candy on a cruise?