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Homer, Alaska

July 2011

Homer was one of our least favorite ports because of the ship situation. Homer consists of a "spit", which is a long strip of restuarants and shops, and the downtown area, which is about a 3 mile drive.

We purchased the "hop on - hop off" bus because we all wanted to see the real town of Homer. But this was a mistake. The town is VERY small and the stops were not placed properly.

Even the spit left little to be desired. Homer seems like a quant little town and it may be a great place to visit for a weekend, but I don't think it is a good cruise stop. (Unless you like to fish and then you will be in heaven)

Carroll was happy because she ran into Barbara Lavalee, which is one of her favorite artists. She was able to get some signed books which made her very happy indeed.

The Pratt Museum was along the bus route and it was a nice museum considering it's size. The pictures above show a "typical" house in the wilderness. There was a woman inside that told some very interesting stories.

The two pictures above are from the Salty Dawg Saloon. We stopped in and had a beer and left. There were tons of people walking in and buying t-shirts and hoodies. They only accepted cash but they still had a very vibrant business.

The picture to the right shows a fresh catch of Halibut. Do you know what that costs per pound? Almost $20.