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Icy Straight Point

July 2011

We had been to Icy Straight before so we opted for the Whale cruise offered by the ship. The boat was nice and we saw lots of whales.

The weather did not co-operate, since it was very foggy, but it was still a very memorable day and a nice thing to do if you are stuck in Icy Straight.

One thing I really liked about the cruise is once they found some whales, the captain cut the engine. This made it very peaceful and allowed you to really hear the whales blowing through their blowholes.

We saw lots and lots of whales.

The actual "port" is a cruise ship port that was created exclusively for cruise ships. It is very touristy.

They do have a native show that costs extra.

We decided to walk to the town of Hoonah. (The "real" town that is not part of the cruise port)

This was probably a mistake in that there is nothing in Hoonah. We stopped for lunch at the "lodge" and they were "out of fish and chips".

We decided to take the shuttle bus back to the cruise port since the road was a bit rocky during our walk to town.