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Juneau, Alaska

July 2011

My guess is that Juneau is the most visited cruise ship port. We have been here once before and both times there were numerous ships.

Juneau offers a good mix of activities and a nice little shopping town.

My parents took the Mount Roberts tram up the hill and they really liked it. The views were great and it was a short and easy trip.


We ate lunch at the "Flight Deck". It is a very casual place but not casual prices. But the location is wonderful. You are on the water and get to watch the flight planes take off and land

We had a pitcher of beer and some Halibut and Chips. Very good.

Juneau sees LOTS of cruise ships so there is a lot of shopping and Alaska gifts.

We spent some time at the Viking bar because they had free wi-fi. We never did go for a "deer and a beer" but we did try our luck at the local lottery. (Shown above in the bins)

But we didn't win. Oh well.....

The Red Dog Saloon was packed! We didn't see what the big deal was. Looked like a tourist trap to us so we walked out.