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Anguilla General Information

Getting to Anguilla

Although Anguilla has an airport, there are a very limited schedule of flights throughout the day. Since we were coming from California, and arrived late in the afternoon, we had to first fly to St. Martin, taxi to Marigot, and then ferry to Anguilla. 

This proved to be less stressful than expected, but it still wasn't ideal. The ferry is $10 each way per person. 


The modes of transportation for tourists are either taxi, rental car or hitchhiking. We found the taxis to be quite expensive. Our taxi from the ferry to our hotel was $20 and it was only about a 10 minute ride. The rates are all pre-determined by the government so there is no need to haggle. We opted to rent a car so that we would have the freedom to tour the island. We rented with Highway Rent a Car. Highway delivered the jeep to our room and picked it up at the ferry when we departed. The Geo Sidekick was a very nice little car. The air conditioning worked wonderfully and the car performed fine on even the rockiest Anguillian roads. If you decide to rent a car, be prepared to get lost. There are NO signs! After a few days we were able to navigate the island just fine, but the first few days were a little trying. (You know how it is when your spouse it reading a map, and there are no signs, and . . . )

People of Anguilla

We found the Anguilllians to be a VERY trusting, forthright people. Throughout the trip we bonded with numerous Anguillians. Pressure King on Shoal Bay East was great. Rollins on the Chocolat was wonderful. Vee from the Sonesta was exceptional. Junior was a character. Overall we found the people of Anguilla to be very proud and trusting individuals. If you go to Anguilla, get to know the people. They are outstanding!

Eating and Shopping

Eating and shopping on Anguilla was a real experience for us. Shopping Let us first talk about shopping. We were on Anguilla during a three day holiday weekend so most shops on the island were closed. The hotels have a few tourist shops, but for the most part there is no real tourist shopping on the island. (Except for Irie Life). The grocery stores are very limited in selection. Our favorite was near our condo. It was called Ninety Five Grocery. We also liked Ashley and Sons. If you want to shop go to St. Martin. This island is not about tourist shopping. It is about limin'.

There are two extremes for eating on the island. There are the very nice restaurants that are pricey, (some have dress code), and casual beach bars. We ate at a few nice places, a few beach bars, and in our condo. Our first dinner at Tramanto Trattorio was very nice. It is located in Shoal Bay West and is right on the beach. The portions were a little small for the price, but the food service and atmosphere were excellent. We also ate at Ripples which was one of the few moderately priced restaurants. We tried eating at Straw Hat, which we heard was excellent, but it was closed whenever we made the journey to that part of the island. We also bought prepared take out at Fat Cat Gourmet and were disappointed. We had the conch stew and the lasagna. Both entrees were small and cost $20 each. Our friends on our Chocolat excursion said that the Malliouhana Hotel, pictured above, had the best meal on the island. Very romantic. The Palm Grove Beach Bar and Grill and Uncle Ernie's were our favorite beach bar/restaurants.

Gee Wee's has a special place in our hearts in that it was the only place we could find to eat on Whit Monday. (A National Anguillian holiday) It was Monday and we hadn't had breakfast and were looking for a place to eat lunch. We had driven by Gee Wee's a few times, en route to looking for other places, and we noticed that there were lots of locals lined up in the parking lot. After an hour or so of looking for a bite to eat, we ventured into Gee Wee's. Even though the sign says they are a bakery, they also offer sandwiches. They were out of almost everything by noon, but we were able to secure 2 turkey and cheese sandwiches for the road. The total cost was only $5. (A real Anguilla bargain!) 

Nightlife on the island takes place at Johnno's and the Pumphouse. (Which are a few steps from one another.) 

What to Pack

We packed very lightly for this trip. Both of us only brought sandals. Neither one of us brought pants. We packed shorts, swimsuits, Hawaiian shirts, and tank tops. If you want to eat in the nicer establishments you will need to bring slacks and a dress. Overall the island atmosphere is very casual so pack lightly! We also brought insect repellent. And we used it! We ran into mosquitoes a few nights so make sure and bring some OFF. Bring lots of film and sun block!  Make sure and bring lots of CASH!!!!!!! A lot of places do not take VISA and there is not an abundance of ATM's. (We never found one.) The most important thing to bring is a carefree attitude. Enjoy Anguilla for it's beauty and charm.