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Aruba General Information

June 1996


While on Aruba we rented a fun little jeep. The roads were totally unmarked so it made driving around the island a true adventure. We had a great time driving around the backside. If you go to Aruba and just stay on Palm Beach then you are really missing out on some fun.

Historic Gold Mills

Bonbini Festival

This was a once a week show that took place in Oranjestad. Very fun event. Kind of touristy but it gives you a taste of the local culture.

Carroll gets on stage and dances with Francie and the Super Dancers!

Palm Beach was a great place to hang out. Nice long sandy beach with absolutely no waves. Great for swimming or just hanging out.

The lighthouse is at the north end of the island. You are sure to see a few goats on your journey.

The snorkeling on Aruba wasn't very good because most of the island has gently sloping sandy beaches. Great for people, but not really great fish habitats.

What trip report about Aruba would be complete without an iguana picture?