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Aruba Beaches & Snorkeling

Aruba has awesome beaches. We think Aruba beaches are the best in the world when it comes to just spending a relaxing day on the beach. This photo was taken with the self timer on our camera while on Eagle Beach, in front of the Amsterdam Manor.

As you can see, Eagle beach is very long and beautiful. Off in the distance you can see the "high-rise" hotels that line Palm Beach

Look at the tiny beers they have in Aruba! Very easy to watch what you drink when the beers are the size of a shot glass. Aruba now has its own beer called Balashi. It is very good.

Palm beach is where all the "high-rise" hotels are located. It is also a very nice beach, but it is more crowded than Eagle beach. Still a very nice place to relax on the beach!

We had lunch at the Kokoa Beach Bar the day we visited Palm beach. It is located on a pier near the Wyndham. Nice little place with a great view.

Aruba does not have very good shore snorkeling. (Especially compared to Bonaire) But we did find a site that is pretty decent if you are willing to swim a ways out. It is called Mangel Halto. The snorkeling was pretty good once you swam out to the reef.

Mangel Halto is located near a Mangrove swamp. You can walk out onto the point and enter the water, or you can use the stairs by the road.

There was a organized snorkel tour in progress when we arrived.

It is very shallow for a long distance. In the picture above, the reef is located where the water is darker.

Once you get to the reef, the wildlife is pretty nice. Lots of beautiful coral and fish. It does get a little rough.

After our snorkel we headed down to Baby Beach. Around the corner from Baby Beach is Rodgers Beach which is where we found the Coco Beach Bar and Restaurant. This is a very nice place. Good food. Good prices. Good service. If you on the south part of the island, it is worth the stop. Say Hi to Freddy for us!

The water is Aruba is a beautiful aqua color.