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Black Hog Bash, Aruba

On Thursday night we headed over to the Black Hog Harley Bash. We were what they call "bar flies". We didn't pay for the dinner/event. We just showed up at about 7:30, had a few drinks, and watched the entertainment. We hooked up with our friends from over the pond Fru, Zak, and Oliver. As you can see from the photo above, Harley's attract women.

It was Laura Mallory's 90th birthday!

The women who was the "MC" did a very good job. She was very entertaining.

David, Carroll, Fru and Zak discussing their future business opportunites.

Ollie has a handful.

At the end of the show, they ride Harleys through the bar.

The girls are looking to hitch a ride.

Carroll gets a ride.

Carroll rides off into the distance with one of the bikers.

Fru and Carroll look "pissed"!