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Aruba General Information

Aruba is the most "Americanized" of the ABC islands. It has all of the modern amenities you would ever need and has a variety of accommodations and restaurants. The currency is the Aruban Florin AND the US Dollar. We used US Dollars during our entire stay and had no problems. (US Dollars are even dispensed from the ATMs)

The wildlife in Aruba consists of Iguanas, Pelicans, Donkeys, and Goats. We found this Iguana near the harbor in the downtown area.

The major city in Aruba is Oranjestad. The architecture is very Dutch and colorful. Aruba has some pretty good shopping. Almost every day a cruise ship is in town, so this has become a Caribbean shopping Mecca.

We had a lot of nice meals on Aruba. Our favorites included Iguana Joes, Tabasko, The Paddock and Kings Ribs. Aruba has some great restaurants and the grocery stores have a great selection of food. 

On the way to the Natural Bridge we stopped at the Ayo Rock Formations. This was a nice little stop. Lots of beautiful boulders and cactus.

The Natural Bridge is always a favorite stop. It was quite full of people while we were there.

We decided to take the "scenic tour" from Baby Beach to Boca Prins. What the map fails to show you is that the road is dirt and meant for a 4-wheel drive. We had our little Toyota from Alamo but we made it. We came across a stretch of road that warned us that we were entering a "Military Live Firing Range". This was a little nerve racking, but we continued forward.

Then we came across a car that was blown to bits. Needless to say we went through this section as fast as we could!

In 1996 we visited Aruba and stopped at the old Gold Ruins. This time there were TONS of people on the back side. We think it was because there was a cruise ship in town. It was interesting to see the difference that a few years make.

We finally made it to Boca Prins. We found a great little restaurant that provided a need bathroom break and a cold drink.

Boca Prins is a mini sand dune. Very scenic but it is out in the middle of nowhere.

The most photographed Divi tree in Aruba! (Located in front of Amsterdam Manor)