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Renaissance Beach Resort

We stayed at the Renaissance for one night on our way to Bonaire. (It is a long story, but since we landed in Aruba late in the afternoon, we couldn't get a flight to Bonaire until the next day) We chose the Renaissance because we knew it was downtown and close to the airport. We did not have a good experience at the Renaissance. We arrived at around 3:30 PM and it took over an hour to secure our room! We stood in line for about 20 minutes only for them to tell us that "your room is not ready". "Go wait in the lobby and we will come get you when your room is ready". We went to the lobby and saw lots of other people in the same situation. Some had been sitting there for hours! After waiting about 45 minutes we went back up to the front desk, stood in line for another 30 minutes, and then finally got our room. Needless to say, after being on a plane for over 9 hours, this was not a nice way to start our vacation in Aruba.

Our room was very basic and very small. The bathroom reminded us of a cruise ship! We had a tiny balcony which gave us the view shown above. Overall we were not at all impressed with this hotel. I felt as though I was on "business" and not "vacation". They have their own "private island" which we never visited. We paid $120 for our room over the web, which I guess is a really good deal, but I still thought it was overpriced. We would rather be near a beach rather than staying downtown. Even though the "private island" is supposed to be nice, we didn't like the idea of having to stand in line and wait for the ferry just to go to the beach.

Overall, we would not recommend this hotel.