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Petrie's Pillar / Andrea I & II

We did a "drift snorkel" from Petrie's Pillar to Andrea I. This was one of our favorite snorkels. We had purchased a water proof "fanny back" which we used to carry our thongs. We were then able to walk down to Petrie's Pillar, snorkel to Andreas I and then use our thongs to walk back to the car.

You can park your car on the bluff above Andrea I. If you walk to the left you will see a big X painted on the road. Follow the trail to the water from that spot. When you get to Andreas I then you can easily walk back up to the car.

When we first entered the water we spotted a "cleaner station". Here a Blue Tang is being cleaned by Juvenile Bluehead.

The area was loaded with Blue Tangs.

An eel poked his out of the coral for a quick look at us.

Andrea I and II are very shallow. Most of the snorkeling can be done near shore in less than 10 feet of water. Be careful because there is a lot of fire coral in the area. (But that shouldn't matter because you are not supposed to be touching coral anyway!)

Even though it looks like I am touching the coral, I am not. Never touched any coral the entire time we were there.