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Donkey Beach / Windsock

We did a lot of snorkeling between the Bellafonte and Windsock. The reef was not as developed as other sites, but we saw tons of stuff directly off the pier of our hotel.

We did numerous "drift snorkels" where we started at Windsock / Donkey Beach and swam back to the Bellafonte.

The picture on the left shows a Juvenile French Angelfish. The picture on the right shows the adult French Angel.

A Yellow Tail Damsel hangs out in the coral.

We also saw lots of Eels in the coral heads. The eel on the left is a Goldspotted Eel. The eel on the right is a Goldentail Moray.

Spotted Trunkfish are also very numerous.

Can you spot the Peacock Flounder?

Trumpet Fish hang out under the piers.

Split Crown Feather Duster Worms living on a coral head.

Sand Dollar

Reef squid were also pretty common.

There were tons of Rainbow Parrotfish everywhere we snorkeled. The picture on the right shows a "Super Male" Parrotfish which can get rather large. 

One night we did a night snorkel off of the Bellafonte pier. They have lights at night which made it very safe and easy. 

Each night you can see at least 5 Barracudas swimming in the shallows off of the Bellafonte pier. We stayed clear of the Barracuda during our night snorkel, even though they are pretty shy creatures. 

Orange Cup Coral hanging on to the pier.

Orange Cup Coral at night comes alive!