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Sailing on the Woodwind

We went out on the Woodwind for their Tuesday sail to Klein Bonaire. We had a wonderful time. We left at around 9:00 and returned at about 2:00. So it was a full day of sun and fun.

The Woodwind is a beautiful catamaran. During our trip there were about 16 people on board. It was a very comfortable number. Not busy but fun.

De is one of the owners and dive master on the boat. Her husband Ulf is the captain. They recently purchased Woodwind. They are both super people.

Once you get to Klein Bonaire you swim to shore and then walk along the shoreline for quite a ways. This affords you the luxury of "drifting" back to the boat during the snorkel. Drift snorkeling is very cool because you don't really even have to kick.

Klein Bonaire has some very nice coral. Huge variety and it looks very "untouched".

During the snorkel, De, points out fish and helps people "see" things that they normally miss.

This guy loved having his photo taken!

Carroll swims with the fishes.

After Klein Bonaire, we made a stop at Andrea I. (Actually it was more like Andrea 1.5) The snorkeling here is fantastic. You can reach it by car. Probably our favorite spot to snorkel on the island.

De points out "Fire Coral" to the group. 

Staghorn Coral

A nice sponge.

Carroll gives the "OK" signal which means that this sail is "A-OK". On the way back we ate a nice deli lunch and had a few adult beverages. This was one of our favorite days in Bonaire. There is something special about spending the day on the water in a catamaran.