Day 1 - Getting to Cozumel

Day 2 - Cozumel

Day 3 - Getting to Cancun

Day 4 - Mayan Riviera

Day 5 - Cancun

Day 6 - Isla Mujeras

Day 7 - Playa del Carmen


Day 2 - Exploring Cozumel

Sunday was our day to explore Cozumel.  We began the day at Chankanaab and ended our day with a drive around the eastern side of the island.

Chankanaab Park

We started day two by visiting Chankanaab Park. We had heard that this was one of the best places to snorkel. We spent about 2 hours at Chankanaab and liked the park but the snorkeling was pretty lousy. The cost was $10 USD. We went early in the morning so we had the place to ourselves.

There is very easy access to the "reef". The reef was mostly dead and they had all of the coral areas roped off from snorkelers. 

This place looks like it has been over run with traffic so it looks like they are trying to bring back the reef life by no longer allowing people near the coral.

The lagoon was pretty nice. As soon as you left the beach we were EATEN by mosquitoes. Spray yourself before you hike the trails!

The entrance to the Maya portion of the park has a pretty nice arch.

Entrance to the Maya exhibit.

Grande Cabeza!

Nice replica

We ran into lots of critters. Iguanas, turtles, and mucho insectos!

Cozumel the "other side"

We decided to head to the east side of the island for lunch. Our first stop was at Mezcallito's

Mezcalito's is a little beach restaurant on the eastern side. The beer was cold and the food was great.

We had the best shrimp of the trip here at Mezcalito's. The shrimp were huge! The meal cost $13 and was worth every penny. If you eat here you have to have their shrimp special.

Our next stop down the coast was Coconuts. Coconuts is a nice little beach bar located on a bluff overlooking the ocean.

The entrance looks more like a nature hike than a food establishment. But don't worry, it is a short walk.

We had a table by the cliff. The view was awesome. They were playing Jimmy Buffett when we were there which really helped us change our latitudes and attitudes!

Driving down the coast was very beautiful. The surf is rough but the scenery spectacular.

On our way back to our hotel we stopped at the San Francisco Beach Club. (Being from the bay area we thought we just had to come check this place out) We were pretty disappointed. The beach was nice but the drinks were lousy. Expensive margaritas served in Styrofoam!