Day 1 - Getting to Cozumel

Day 2 - Cozumel

Day 3 - Getting to Cancun

Day 4 - Mayan Riviera

Day 5 - Cancun

Day 6 - Isla Mujeras

Day 7 - Playa del Carmen



Day 3 - Getting to Cancun

On Monday we were scheduled to go to Cancun. Our flight wasn't until 2:00 PM so we decided to snorkel in the morning. Next door to the Fiesta Americana is a beach club called Dzul-Ha. This is supposed to be one of the better places to snorkel on the island. We saw numerous snorkel boats dropping off snorkelers from our room. So we decided to snorkel locally!

There was quite a current so we decided to do our first ever "drift snorkel". We walked down the beach past Dzul Ha. We put our reef shoes into a pareo and then Carroll tied it around her neck. (like a backpack) This worked out wonderfully because we didn't have to swim back against the current. One way snorkeling!

The coral was "OK" near the beach club. We were again disappointed because the coral heads were few and far between. But we did see some pretty coral and some nice fish. (One of those nice fish was a jelly fish which stung me!)

A cruise ship arrived on Monday. (shown in the distance) I can't imagine eight of these at one time.

We had lunch downtown at Pancho's Backyard. Very nice place. The margaritas were awesome and the food VERY good. I had tamales and Carroll had taquitos.

Pancho's had some lunch time entertainment. The marimba was pretty cool.

When we were at the boarding gate I asked the ticket taker if we were boarding a "747". He laughed and said "No, a mosquito". Boy was he right. This thing was tiny. The only saving grace was a cold Modelo waiting for us on the tarmac before we boarded. (It is only a 15 minute flight)

The Mexican Riviera from the air.

When we arrived in Cancun we went to Avis to get our rental car. The Avis representative gave us a map and proceeded to tell us how to get to our hotel. (The Hilton) Before we knew it, he was telling us about the "Avis partners" on the island and how we could get our car for free. Yikes, the guy was selling us a timeshare presentation! Haven't been in Cancun for 15 minutes and we are already being pitched. We declined the offer and drove to the Hilton.

Our room at the Hilton was awesome. We were put in the upgraded wing which included a balcony and breakfast every morning. The view shown above is looking south toward Punta Nizuc.

The Hilton room was great but their prices were a little steep. A 1.5L bottle of water was $6.40 USD. We thought that $6 a bottle was a little steep so we went to Sam's Club and bought an entire case for the week for just under $5. We ended the day by going to OK Maguey's for Brant's Entertainment Card gathering. We saved bunches of money throughout the week by using this 2 for 1 dining card. It was well worth the price. Brant's Entertainment Plus Card