Day 1 - Getting to Cozumel

Day 2 - Cozumel

Day 3 - Getting to Cancun

Day 4 - Mayan Riviera

Day 5 - Cancun

Day 6 - Isla Mujeras

Day 7 - Playa del Carmen




Day 5 - Pool day in Cancun

Wednesday was a day of rest by the pool. We went shopping in Cancun and then laid by the pool the balance of the day. Very relaxing day.

Cancun has almost every chain you can fathom. The Hard Rock was one of the more impressive venues.

The Hard Rock was located in a small shopping mall. The outside was quite a sight. The shopping was very uneventful. Items were no cheaper here than in CA. The Black Coral flea market was a joke. Vendors seemed to be harassing everyone. Our favorite place to shop was called "La Fiesta". It was a giant indoor store full of souvenirs. We had lunch at a place called "La Ruina". (same name as the place in Playa del Carmen) We used our Entertainment Plus card and had a wonderful lunch. Indoors was very hot so we chose to eat on the outside sidewalk tables. The restaurant is very small and casual. A local hangout.

After lunch we headed back to the Hilton and spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool.

As you can see, it wasn't very crowded.

The Hilton has a "horizon" pool which was very scenic.

The "locals" hanging out by the pool. We had dinner at a restaurant called Splash. Very good pasta and we were able to use our Entertainment Plus card again. (This thing is really starting to save us some dough)