Day 1 - Getting to Cozumel

Day 2 - Cozumel

Day 3 - Getting to Cancun

Day 4 - Mayan Riviera

Day 5 - Cancun

Day 6 - Isla Mujeras

Day 7 - Playa del Carmen


Day 6 - Day trip to Isla Mujeres

On Thursday we decided on a day trip to Isla Mujeres. We did not take an organized tour. We drove to Puerto Juarez and took the "local" ferry to the island. We took the "fast" ferry which took about 15 minutes and cost $3.50 USD each way.

Isla Mujeres is a very small island so the preferred mode of transportation is either Moped or Golf Cart. Being golfers we chose the golf cart mode of transportation. This was really fun. We rented the cart for 4 hours and it only cost $25 USD. It took us about 3 hours to tour the island.

Our first stop on the island was the turtle farm. This was a really nice place. It is owned by someone interested in the preservation of turtles. It only costs $2 USD and was very interesting.

Baby Turtles!

More baby turtles

One of the adult turtles

Our next stop was down the coast to Garrafon. Garrafon is a natural park which allows people to snorkel, relax, take hikes, etc. We didn't go to Garrafon because we heard that the coral reef had died. (And we did notice that all of the "coral" areas were roped off from snorkelers)

We then headed back up the east coast where the views were spectacular

Someone has a real sense of humor!

We took our golf cart back and then walked over to Playa Norte Beach for lunch. We settled on a place called La Palapa.

Lunch consisted of Shrimp. We loved the local Montejo beer. It is brewed by the folks at Modelo and it hit the spot in the hot sun.

A feline friend enjoying a lazy Caribbean day.

A black cat approached us as we were eating lunch. To the casual observer it looked like the cat was begging. But quietly the cat whispered "Tell Opus that the black cat meows at the moon". 

Playa Norte was a beautiful beach. Great place to spend a day. (Or even a week)