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Curacao Underwater Park

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Curacao Underwater Park

June 1996 a nice place to shop and walk bridges. We swam with sharks, rays and turtles at the Curacao Underwater Park. 

Overall the experience was enjoyable, although not very realistic. But would we do it again? 

Yes, it was one of those things you will remember all of your life. . . 

The cove is only about 20 feet deep. On one side there are sharks, on the other are turtles, and swimming all over the place are fish and rays!

We had an underwater photographer follow us around. He did a very good job and we got the negatives!

The sharks are on the other side of plexi-glass.

Carroll is feeding a nurse shark.

Carroll playing with the fish.

The rays were pretty friendly. Especially when you have food in your hand!

That ray really likes Carroll 

There was also a place to feed turtles. They were more aggressive than the sharks!