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Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg is the "non-tourist" town that is about 10 miles north of Mendocino. It has affordable accommodations and some nice restaurants.  We absolutely LOVED the Mendo Bistro restaurant in Fort Bragg. It was a wonderful experience and was very affordable. It was our kind of place. Great food, reasonable wine prices, and a great selection of seafood, steak and veggie dishes.  We highly recommend the Mendo Bistro! (Make sure and try the mash potatoes with horseradish)

In the downtown area is the famous "Skunk Train". The Skunk train takes visitors into the redwoods for the day. We have not been on the skunk train but it looks fun.

Just south of Fort Bragg is Jughandle State Reserve. Jughandle is a great place for a picnic by the sea. It was a great place to have some cheese and crackers.