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Nieuw Amsterdam Food Reviews

January 2011

The food on the Nieuw Amsterdam was really hit and miss. The specialty restaurants were great. The rest were just OK.

The breakfast room service was horrible. Service was good, but food was really bad. Rolls, bread, etc. hard as a rock.

We ate at the Lido for breakfast and some lunches. The omelet was good but the rest of the breakfast was pretty weak. The lunches were OK. Again some food pretty good, other food not that great. The pizza at Slice was the worse we have every had on any ship.

The main dining room was pretty good. Not the best we have had nor the worse.

The first night we ate at Canaletto. This is a "restaurant" that is carved out of the Lido Buffet.

The menu was limited, mainly pastas, but it was really pretty decent. We enjoyed our meal and there is no extra service charge.

Before dessert we were given a plate of cotton candy! I guess this is the only place on the ship where you can get cotton candy.

We also had a "real" dessert. Carroll had the vanilla sorbet and I had a lemoncello sorbet. It was VERY good. You could taste the lemoncello liqueur.

Our favorite restaurant was the Tamarind. We ate there three times! Twice for dinner and once for lunch. The dinner has a $15 per person charge, but lunch was complimentary.

We wouldn't normally say that we love "Pan Asian" food, but the Tamarind food was awesome.

There was nothing that we had that we didn't like.

Everything was nicely displayed and the food was very good.

Carroll had the shrimp and scallops and I had the Wasabi Beef Tenderloin (with onion rings). The beef and wasabi were awesome. My favorite meal of the week.

The desserts were also very good. This was a bread pudding that was delish.

Lunch at the Tamarind is fixed. The only thing you get to choose is the dessert. But it was also very good. (especially for no service charge) The picture to the right and the two shown below are the three courses that are brought to each table.

Our last night was spent at the Pinnacle Restaurant. This was also a very good meal.

The picture to the right is the crab cake, the one below is onion soup, and the one to the lower right is my rib eye steak.

The steaks were very high quality and cooked perfectly.

A disappointment was that you were only limited to one item per section of the menu. We wanted to have a small portion of the lobster mac and cheese, that we would split. They told us that we could not do this. Only one item per section of the menu.

So I guess the days of ordering more than one thing for dinner are gone? We thought that our request was not that big of a deal, especially since we were paying $20 extra a piece for the dinner.