On a warm summer evening in the month of June, born to a mother and father, while in the loving eyes of his grandfather and aunt, the legendary feline took his first breath.  His loving mother and father who were also his grandfather and aunt.  

The newly born kitten sensed the sweetness of alfalfa, the buzzing of horseflies, and the warmth of freshly laid manure against his cold, damp body. His tightly bound body yearned to stretch while situated between the cribbing boards of the stable.  As he stretched, his tail slipped between the cracks of the weathered lumber.  Without warning, a thunderous equine hoof crushed the infant's newly developed tail.  The young cat, in excruciating pain, yowled "the yowl that has never been yowled".


Chosen one in diapers!


Fortunately, a lone sheep on it's way to Dixon heard "the yowl that had never been yowled".  The sheep was part of Annie Whitaker's 4-H project which was to be the "main course" at the Dixon Lambtown USA cookoff. 

While at the auction, the destined sheep spied a mangy, aged (mature), shady, mysterious, but intuitive tabby. 

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