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Ladera, St. Lucia Soufriere, St. Lucia

"Swiss Family Robinson"

We also highly recommend Ladera for short stays. Ladera is a magical place. It is perched on a cliff overlooking the Pitons. Each unit has a plunge pool and an open wall to the wonderful view. It is like staying in an elegant tree house. We spent two nights at Ladera and had a great time.

We were in Suite "O". The king size bed was elevated.

We enjoyed the plunge pool. Nice refreshing dip with a spectacular view.

The shower was open to the sky. Even though you are missing a wall, each room is completely private.

You will see lots of wildlife at Ladera. Because of the missing wall, you will see birds and lizards in your room. At night we even saw some glowing bugs. 

Each bed has a mosquito net for comfort. We didn't find bugs to be much of a problem.

The Ladera resort taken from the restaurant.

Taken from Dasheene restaurant at Ladera. We had breakfast and dinner at Dasheene. The dinner was great, the breakfast was over-rated.

Sunset from our room