Day 1 - Getting to Zihua

Day 2 - El Centro

Day 3 - Playas Las Gatas

Day 4 - Ixtapa

Day 5 - Isla Ixtapa

Day 6 - Barra de Potosi

Day 7 - Around Town

Day 8 - Going Home

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Day 1 - Getting to Zihuatanejo

Getting to Zihuatanejo was a breeze from Sacramento, CA. We flew on America West airline which made one stop in Phoenix. We were lucky enough to get "upgraded" to first class on the first leg of the trip due to my frequent flier status. (About time all of those business trips came in handy!) We arrived into Zihuatanejo at about 2:30 PM.  After getting off the plane our first stop was to the ATM to get some Pesos! As you head toward the taxi counter you will see an ATM on your left. Fortunately it had money so we were lucky enough to pull out some of the local currency before heading into town. We took the "collectivo" taxis which load groups into vans and then head into town. We had to wait about 10 minutes or so because we were going to Zihua. Most of the plane headed toward Ixtapa. The fare was 150 pesos. Because it is a "collective" taxi you may have to stop a few times before your stop, but we thought it was a great way to see Zihua.

Before we knew it, we were at Bungalows Ley in Playa Madera. Bungalows Ley is a very nice, low cost, set of bungalows located directly on Playa Madera. 

The view above is the first view of the bay when we arrived. We were immediately relaxed!

As you can see, the balconies at Bungalows Ley are not your typical hotel balconies. These things are huge! We stayed in Room 2 which shares a balcony with Room 3. We didn't really find this to be a problem and actually turned out to be quite nice because we became acquainted with our neighbors. Below us were rooms 4 and 5 and although they also share a balcony, there is a divider wall between the rooms for more privacy.

Our kitchen in Room 2 was located outside near the front door. We had a refrigerator, coffee maker, stove, pots/pans, etc. We really loved the outside bar with barstools. This was a great place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee!

We were getting a little hungry so we walked down the beach to MJ & Ritchies. It was a Saturday so the beach had some locals spending a day at the beach. We really liked MJ & Ritchies because it was close, good food, and not too expensive.

After dinner we enjoyed the rest of the day on our beautiful balcony. 

Wow, the guy has only been to Zihuatanejo a few hours and he already looks relaxed

Sunset over La Madera Beach