Day 1 - Getting to Zihua

Day 2 - El Centro

Day 3 - Playas Las Gatas

Day 4 - Ixtapa

Day 5 - Isla Ixtapa

Day 6 - Barra de Potosi

Day 7 - Around Town

Day 8 - Going Home

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Day 3 - Playa Las Gatas

On Monday we decided to go to Playa Las Gatas and do a little snorkeling. It is an easy trip from downtown. At the start of the pier, on your left, you will see a booth where you buy the 30 peso ticket to the beach. After purchasing your ticket, walk down to the first stairway on your left and wait for a Panga. The boat ride only takes about 5 minutes. It is a great way to see the bay!

The beach is full of palapas which all try and "invite you into" their establishments. Be ready when you get off the boat to be "invited" into everyone's place. We settled on a place in the middle because we met one of the workers on our Panga ride. 

Our place was called "El Rayito de Sol". Luis was very nice, gave us some great lounge chairs, and kept the 12 peso beer flowing. Las Gatas was one of our favorite days. The beach is beautiful and it makes for a relaxing day.

The snorkeling at Las Gatas was pretty marginal. We say some nice stuff, but it was mainly rocks and small fish. 

A trip to Playa Las Gatas wouldn't be complete without seeing a cat, would it? This little guy found his way onto my lap and whispered "Tell El Gato Negro that I said hello".

For dinner we chose Tamales y Atoles 'Any'. It is a very authentic Mexican food restaurant. The food was good and very inexpensive! I had the tamales and Carroll had some tacos. We ate here twice throughout the trip.

Back on our balcony again.