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Day 6 - Barra de Potosi

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Day 6 - Barra de Potosi

We had read lots of interesting stories about "making the journey" to Barra de Potosi so we decided to have an adventure and head south. You can either hire a private taxi or take the local transportation. We opted for the local transportation because as we know, "getting there is half the fun".

You can pick up the bus in downtown Zihuatanejo on Las Palmas Ave. It is just across the street from where the three ATM's are located. We board the bus and were only accompanied by a few other locals. As we drove down the street the "money taker" would yell "Peta, Peta". (Since this was the bus to Petalan)

You'll want to get off the bus at the Los Achotes stop which seems like it is in the middle of nowhere. After getting off the bus you'll want to walk to the corner and look down the street to your right.

There you will find some flat bed trucks with benches and a tarp.YES, this is your transportation the rest of the way! The cost is 8 pesos. You climb on board and the wait until there are about 10 passengers. Then it is off to the beach! The ride takes about 15 minutes.

Barra de Potosi is like a time warp. It is a very relaxing place. The only people we saw were the occasional fishing boat coming in with the day's catch.

The village sits at the mouth of a large river. It was low season, but we did see a few people renting boats and exploring the river.

We camped out at Nayitos which is near the end of the row of enramadas. As you can see, they have PLENTY of hammocks for tired souls.

There is not much to do in Barra so this is a great place to recharge your batteries. The food was good and the beer was only 10 pesos.

Have I died and gone to heaven? Guess what Carroll had for lunch?

OK, enough fun. It is time to go home. We went back the same way as we came. This time the driver did not wait for a full load. We left Barra at about 4:00 PM. One tip is to bring change for the transportation. 

Now that we were back in town we were getting a little hungry. And it was Thursday which means it is Pozole day!

We went back to 'Anys' for some green Pozole. It was muy bueno.

After dinner we walk around downtown. We were stopped by a teenage girl who asked us if we would help here with her "English pronunciation" homework. Since Carroll is a teacher, with her CA CLAD credential, she couldn't resist. She had a print out of a Britney Spears song. Her assignment was to practice saying the words and to find out their meaning. This was really fun for us. She was so cute trying to speak English. One exchange I remember was when she was trying to pronounce "her". First she said "here" and we said, no that is "aqui". She smiled and then said "hair", and we laughed and pointed to our hair. She cracked up laughing and then got it right. But this really made ME think. Oh my god, I've probably been bastardizing their language all week long!

This was probably our favorite day because it seemed the most real. We got to ride the local transportation, eat the state meal, and then converse with a local teenager. Very cool day.