Day 1 - Getting to Zihua

Day 2 - El Centro

Day 3 - Playas Las Gatas

Day 4 - Ixtapa

Day 5 - Isla Ixtapa

Day 6 - Barra de Potosi

Day 7 - Around Town

Day 8 - Going Home

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ZihuaDay 7 - Around Towntanejo Trip Report

We spent our last full day walking around town and hanging out at our beach. The fisherman's walk is shown above. It is a strip of restaurants located on the beach. 

We had lunch at a place called Obos. It is a nice little deli that is owned by Kirstie from Finland. She moved to Mexico to become an artist. We recommend this place.

Obos primarily serves deli sandwiches but they are going to start offering prix fee dinners each night which will feature a different country. The dinners will only cost 120 pesos. We would have loved to try one but it was the end of our week. Obos is located behind the Sirena Gorda Restaurant. (near the pier)

We headed back to La Ropa for the rest of the afternoon and dinner.

At the southern end of La Ropa there lives a cocodrilo. We saw him swim by in the distance.

We had dinner at Elvira's. This was probably our favorite dinner.

The margaritas were LARGE and TWO for ONE!

I had the "steak" which was a nice slab of fresh tuna wrapped in bacon. Muy bueno and only 80 pesos!

Hmmm those are some gooood jumbo margaritas!

We hired a band to sing us "Zihuatanejo" which was really special. Support these guys because they were great. They did an excellent job and shook our hands after the song. And it was only 50 pesos, so support the local economy!

What an enjoyable trip. Tomorrow we head home.