Day 1 - Getting to Zihua

Day 2 - El Centro

Day 3 - Playas Las Gatas

Day 4 - Ixtapa

Day 5 - Isla Ixtapa

Day 6 - Barra de Potosi

Day 7 - Around Town

Day 8 - Going Home

Bungalows Ley


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Bungalows Ley

We really enjoyed our stay at Bungalows Ley. The staff is fantastic. The rooms were modest but very clean. Don't expect a four star establishment. If you want four stars then go to Ixtapa, there are plenty right on the beach or stay at Villa del Sol or La Casa Que Canta at La Ropa Beach. (They both looked really nice) Bungalows Ley is a more charming "real" Mexican vacation bungalow. 

Here is Carroll on the couch. We didn't use it much since we spent most of our time on the deck enjoying the view!

Our unit had a king size bed. The bed was muy firma! In fact it was very, very, very firm. Can you say "hard as a rock?" We got used to it after a few nights. Each day we had a towel animal on our bed. Wow, this is like a cruise ship!

The closet contained some cubbies and a safe. The bathroom was rather small, but it had a nice shower.

Our kitchen was located outside on the patio. (Room 3 also has this setup) We liked having everything outside because that is where we spent most of our time anyway.

The manager at Ley is Carlos. He is a wonderful guy that speaks a little English. (No one else there really speaks a lick) He was very helpful and courteous. We also got to know Elizabeth who is one of the maids. She was also very friendly and fun to try our Spanish on. 

Bungalows Ley is the white building between the Las Brisas, on the right, and Bungalows Allec on the left. The new white looking building by the beach is Room #8.

Ley is the second white arch to the left. The building to the immediate left, with the car, is the Brisas del Mar. Most taxi drivers have never heard of Ley so we always told them to take us to Brisas del Mar.