Day 1 - Getting to Zihua

Day 2 - El Centro

Day 3 - Playas Las Gatas

Day 4 - Ixtapa

Day 5 - Isla Ixtapa

Day 6 - Barra de Potosi

Day 7 - Around Town

Day 8 - Going Home

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Eating in Zihuatanejo

We really loved the food of Zihuatanejo. Listed below is our critique of the various places we dined.  (In order of preference)

Elvira - Elvira's was our favorite meal. Directly on La Ropa. Great seafood at reasonable prices. We had a fabulous dinner for under 400 pesos including propina.

Patys - We also really like Patys. It is right next to Elvira so it is pretty much the same wonderful view. They also had excellent food which was also quite reasonable. Another fabulous dinner for under 450 pesos including propina.

Casa Bahia - Casa Bahia was a real treat. It is located up on a hill fronting the marina a bay. The view is wonderful. We opted for steak and ribs but the menu also consisted of what looked like some good seafood. You can't beat the view at Casa Bahia. Dinner for two including propina for under 400 pesos.

Atoles Y Tamales 'ANY' - This is the best place for authentic Mexican food. We ate there two nights and enjoyed both meals. The prices are VERY reasonable. The tamales are only 10 pesos so you can fill up here for just a few bucks.

MJ & Ritchies - MJ's is a nice little place on Playa Madera. We ate there for two evenings because it was close and they had good food. (We also loved the service there) We had shrimp, abalone, tuna fajitas, and calamari throughout the week. Decent food at reasonable prices.

Obos Deli - This one is listed last but just because we only had lunch. We loved talking with the owner, she makes great sandwiches, and it sounds like the prix fee dinners she is planning in the future will be a hit. Make sure and patronize this place!

La Sirena Gorda - We only had breakfast here but it was good. Our only complaint was that they were off the water which made for a "warmer" meal.

Carlos & Charlies - This was our least favorite place. Food was OK but a little spendy on the drinks. 32 pesos for a Pacifico is about DOUBLE everywhere else. The service was OK, but I don't think we will be going back soon.

Phoenix Airport - Where was our most expensive meal? Was it on the beach with double margaritas at Elvira's? Was it over looking the bay at Casa Bahia? No, it was at the Phoenix airport. On our lay over we each had a Caesar salad and a few glasses of wine. Total bill $56 with propina. 

Did we get the dreaded Montezuma's Revenge while in Mexico? Yes, we both had mild cases. Nothing that stopped our progress throughout the day, just made us a little uncomfortable towards the end of the week.